House Charm - Weeping Eye Pentacle Pendant - Maple Burl

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Handcrafted hardwood and brass home adornment.

width: 3"
height: 10"

An open eye has been a ward against evil in many cultures throughout history. The watchful eye comes from this tradition that evil fears being seen. Here the eye weeps for what it has seen and invites no further evil within its gaze. A reminder that tears are not a sign of weakness but of strength, of strong bonds, and kindness. What might evil fear more than being seen than being witnessed by those it has already harmed? Concentric shapes also have a similar history as a means of distracting and confusing wicked spirits that may enter your domain and handmade tassel serves to draw the eye to this stately charm that it may not go missed. A potent and mesmerizing charm which also happens to be aesthetically pleasing.