D6 - Six Sided Hardwood Dice - Wenge


Handmade Hardwood Dice
7/8" (0.85")~

Classic cube/six sided/d6 dice with original symbolic glyphs. Numerically the symbols are as follows.

1 - Eye
2 - Crescent
3 - Skull
4 - Sword
5 - Hand
6 - Wreath

Use as you would any standard d6 or for divination, ritual, etc. Price is per dice and you will receive one of the dice pictured.

Due to the nature of natural material and sanding process, dice are near but not necessarily perfect cubes. They will still have similar randomness results as most other dice on the market, but they are not "Vegas/Gambling" odds perfect. They should be fine for your TTRPG game though.