Care Sheet

Wood Items - Tung Oil Finish

Our use of traditional Tung Oil finish without the use of chemical driers, plastics, or schellacs requries a little extra care to keeping your item good as new. It is because of how we finish our items that with time and care they will become even better than new. 

For the first year of ownership you will want to give the piece a light buff with a wood polishing product (I personally like Daddy Van's) every few months. After the first year it should only need polishing maybe once or twice a year. 

Polishing your wood items renews the protective wax coating, removes any dust that may have settled into the surface, and improves the underlying finish. 

Some things to avoid:

Direct Sunlight
Extreme Temperatures
Extreme High or Low Humidity
Containing in Plastic Film

If you must store a product for an extended period, you may seal it in a plastic bag or tote but only after wrapping it in some cotton cloth and/or acid free paper. A desicant packet is advised. 

Common Issue:

Hazy Finish, Waxy Build Up, Dull/Matte Appearance

Generally these all fall under the category of "needing a lil more attention" A dull or hazy finish is usually an early sign of wax build up and dust mingling with the finish. Waxy build up is often mistaken for a mold growth looking a little bit like mildew but its from the woods moisture, natural resins, and the finish being slowly extruded over time from capilary action in the wood which expands with temperature and humidity changes.  In all of these cases the solution is simple: rub the piece down with cotton cloth or paper towels, dry at first to just take off whatever is on the surface. Next with a clean cloth or towel apply some wood polish, rub it all over the piece. If you notice the cloth getting dirty as you polish then use a new clean cloth or towel to remove the polish you applied, this is essentially deep cleaning the piece. Once you've removed all the polish, re-apply a clean layer and buff it out. For good measure in 24 hours give it another buff with a clean and dry cloth or towel. 

Wood Items - Kitchen Safe/Mineral Oil Finish

Whether it is straight mineral oil, a blend of mineral oil and wax, butchers block, or kitchen safe finish, these all use the same ingredients and care of the product. 

When you wash a kitchen safe product use warm water and soap and hand wash only. You may notice the piece takes on a dulled or soft look to its edges and appearance. That is normal. The crisp buttery smooth texture our products have when we send them is the look of an unused tool. You cannot keep the item crisp and use it. You can however keep it looking its best by giving it a soft buff with 0000 steel wool after washing (rinse again and then dry) and applying a kitchen woods conditioner once its dry. 

You don't have to do this after every wash, just every once in a while.

I am currently using up my supply of food grade mineral oil and will eventually be switching over to using a refined coconut oil which you can start using now for your wood item care if you wish. It has the same properties as mineral oil but from a plant source. Note: Not just any coconut oil will do the refining process removes the fatty lipids that cause most vegetable oils to eventually spoil.

Some things to avoid:

The Dish Washer - Dishwashers get considerably hotter, wetter, and dryer than hand washing and while that is great for dishes, its murder for wooden items which will dry out, warp, or even split.