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The Lock Glyph
The Lock: The Lock Description [Tarot Boxes]

Ancestral Vision Glyph
Ancestral Vision: Ancestral Vision Description [Tarot Boxes]

Lunar Vision Glyph
Lunar Vision: Ancestral Vision Description [Tarot Boxes]

Luna Moth Glyph
Luna Moth:
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Skewered Eye Glyph
Skewered Eye:
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Sword and Dagger Glyph
Sword and Dagger Glyph:
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The Weeping Eye:
An open eye has been a ward against evil in many cultures throughout history. The watchful eye comes from this tradition that evil fears being seen. Here the eye weeps for what it has seen and invites no further evil within its gaze. A reminder that tears are not a sign of weakness but of strength, of strong bonds, and kindness. What might evil fear more than being seen than being witnessed by those it has already harmed?   

Lunar Glyph (Circle and Crescent):
The moon has been the gentle guardian of the night for as long as human kind has looked up at the stars. A crescent  engulfing a smaller circle invokes images of both and eclipse and the moons phases. A reminder that the dark is only a passing thing.