Dyad-Artifact - Goncalo-Alves(tigerwood) - Hand/Cracked Cauldron


In the interest of making it easy to produce and list the following is a general description of an Artifact with the unique information (sans exact sizing) in the product name.

Height: 1"-3"
Width: 3/8" -3/4"

Artifacts are small 4-sided objects of undefined purpose. Each Artifact is hand made from woods on hand and given a random set of 1,2, or 4 symbols. The symbol pool can grow with time.

Each Artifact is stamped with the artists (Cen Galdre) maker mark.

A digital guidance booklet in the form of a pdf will be sent to the email provided during checkout.

To learn more about the ARTIFACTS: For Those Who Remain concept check out its info page here.