Are you open for commissions?

How do I request a commission?
Fill out the contact form with Subject "Commission Request"

Request should include your budget and timeline, prefered materials and any measurements that might be applicable (example: I need you to make a thing to hold [thing]. Please send [thing] measurements. 

I will review your request and either accept, request additional information, or reject it.

How do I get my commission accepted?

First here are some things to avoid.
Unrealistic budget. Please familiarize yourself with my prices and understand that a one off custom item will usually be 2-3 times as much due to draftwork in addition to they just tend to be more work. 

If you write "I have designed it you just need to make it" I will not accept your comission. 

If you write "I can get this for X$ at [Maker]" cool, go have them make it. I will not accept your comission. Why are you writing me? 

If you want one of my standard offerings but just engraved. I will probably not accept your comission... unless the budget reflects an understanding that it is considerably more work. 

If you want storage for a specific board game... probably a no. 

If you want a engagement ring box, or wedding ring box or similar. I don't want to make it. I'm very happy for you. I just don't want to make them anymore. 

If you want a memorial box for a human or pet... real or imagined. I don't... I am not going to accept your request. 

If you have a short, or even just a hard timeline... I probably won't accept the request b/c that is just setting me up to fail. I have ADHD, weird health stuff, animals, life stuff. I want to make you something special, not under duress. 

Basically please be nice and don't hit me with an emotional burden in addition to a project. 

IT'S not all bad though. Here are some things I am interested in making.
Table Altars 




Promotional Objects

Apothecary Drawers/Shelves

Interesting Item Displays

Artists/Delicate tool boxes

Weird Kitchen Tools

Some more info:

If your commission request is accepted I will require in most cases full and in some cases 50% price paid before starting. I ship USPS and upon completion will send you the shipping cost to be paid before shipment is made.