Commission Hardwood Dice - D6 - 3/4" (0.75")

$15.00 - $55.00

Handmade Hardwood Dice
7/8" (0.85")~

This listing is for commissioning dice and sets of dice in hardwoods that I regularly have available and in a set size. This allows us to create automatic bulk discounts up to groups of 5 within single wood choices. Mixing and matching will not unlock higher discounts than the selection provides (i.e. 2 Madrone 3 White Oak does not get the 5 dice discount, it gives you a two dice and a three dice discount).

One Dice - no discount
Two Dice - Save $2
Three Dice - Save $6
Four Dice - Save $12
Five Dice - Save $20

Please allow 4-6 weeks for the dice to be created and shipped. Photos are examples of each hardwood only and at the this small size there is an incredible amount of variation within each hardwood which may be noticed. Pictures are provided to give an overall feel of the hardwoods.

Classic cube/six sided/d6 dice with original symbolic glyphs. Numerically the symbols are as follows.

1 - Eye
2 - Crescent
3 - Skull
4 - Sword
5 - Hand
6 - Wreath

Use as you would any standard d6 or for divination, ritual, etc.

Due to the nature of natural material and sanding process, dice are near but not necessarily perfect cubes. They will still have similar randomness results as most other dice on the market, but they are not "Vegas/Gambling" odds perfect. They should be fine for your TTRPG game though.