Wanderers Wayfinder and Travel Planchette


Wanderers Wayfinder and Travel Planchette
5"x5" Nonogon Spirit Board and 5"x6" Rulebook
Spirit Board is printed on hardy untearable water resistant plastic, Rulebook is printed on heavy shimmer cardstock

Mini Planchette = 1"x1" three rays
Pocket Planchette = 2"x2" eye design

The Wanderers Wayfinder is your spirit guide on the go. Take it camping, on slumber parties, libraries, cafés, or the back of your families haunted station wagon! This hardy board will fit in your purse, backpack, carry-on, seance satchel. Take it to work and speak to whatever haunts the copy machine.

An original talking board game by C.M. Galdre, have fun, be safe and remember the only evil in the void is that which you carry with you.

*crystals and other rock props not included*