Walnut Polyhedron Archive - Dice Box


5" x 5" Walnut dice box with all brass hinges and clasp. 

The interior has been milled to hold the seven core dice used in most role playing games in a common 18mm (Chessex) sizing. (Please contact me before ordering if you are unsure if your dice will fit.) 

The core seven are D20, D10, D%, D12, D4, D6, D8

Each socket on the bottom has been engraved with a label for each dice and the sockets shaped to hold their own specific type of dice. 

Geared for roleplayers of distinction. 

This piece has been "signed" with C.M. Galdre's makers mark, the moon over the mountain.

Black Walnut is a domestic hardwood popular with woodworkers, especially within the United States. Its cooperative workability, strength, and rich coloration make it an enjoyable hardwood to work with. Walnut also has an unmistakable earthy scent when worked which lingers somewhat on the finished piece.