"Lavender Ward" - Gold Foil Print (5x7)


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5"x7" Gold foil print on archival black letterpress paper with gold wax seal and deckle edge

Lavender has followed humanity for millenia. It has been used to wash clothing and freshen linen and satchels. Its wound into wands and bottles, placed among blankets, and tied to belts to ward off unfriendly insects and energies. It has been burned as incense and in offering, cast upon the floors of sacred spaces and temples, and used to imbue waters with its purgative qualities.

Lavender loves the sun, and bees, and is friend to fruiting trees of all kinds. What better herb venerate and guard your home from stress and ill energies? 

This 5x7 print was designed and foiled by C.M. Galdre to celebrate the love of lavender and the ways it loves us and is signed with a wax seal of authenticity and positive intent.