*Special* Kwanzan Cherry Lunar Phase Tray

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9" x 9" x 1" Hardwood Trinket/Apothecary Tray

Milled from wood Cen chainsaw milled from the trunk of the double flowering Kwanazan cherry that died (of old age they are not long lived trees) and had to be felled and then spent several years in their garage drying. Kwanzan Cherry is also sometimes called "sweet" cherry and is not commonly available in the lumber industry. It is a delightfully fragrant cherry wood. This is a very limited piece as most of the lumber from the tree was/is not wide enough for lunar phase trays and there is a limited amount available overall.

The phases of the moon in octagonal geometry, milled in premium hardwood and hand finished to a pleasant semi-gloss finish with tung oil and bees wax. The thicker lines denote light, the thin, shadow. 

A perfect way to organize your sacred space and celebrate our closest celestial body.