Osage Orange - Weeping Chest - 8 x 5 x 4.5


Exterior: 8 x 5 x 4.5 inches
Interior: 7 x 4 x 3.5 inches
(length, depth, height)

An experimental endeavor, this box is 100% Osage orange construction with brass corner guards, clasps, and brass plated steel hinges. The exterior was treated with a take on "Shou Sugi Ban" where the surface was flame treated, sanded, hand carve embellished with the weeping eye, and then tung oil finish and bees wax polish applied. This little box is heavy and dense and will grow harder over time as is osage's way. The wood was harvested from a log found amongst a wood chip pile, which involved sealing the logs ends, drying it for several months, cutting rough lumber from it, drying it some more, cutting dimensional lumber from the rough, and then final drying. The entire process was done by Cen in their workshop. A unique piece looking for the right individual.