Large Kitchen Spoon - Birch - 13.5 -14.5" x 2.5"

$36.00 On Sale

L: 13.5 -14.5"
W: 2.5"

The classic Kitchen Spoon, it does a little bit of everything: Stirring, mixing, folding, sautéing, de-glazing, and tasting. When you don't know what utensil to use chances are the standard kitchen spoon will work. Maybe it can't flip eggs, but it can scramble them. This is a larger version of our standard kitchen spoon so it can act as a serving spoon as well.

Care Sheet

Treated with care this utensil will last a lifetime. Hand wash with warm water and soap and towel dry.

This listing is for 1 of the 7 spoons pictured. Which one you get with your order will be at the artists discretion.