Keepsake Chest - Wood Chest - Tanoak w/ Olivewood Inlay


e: 8 x 6.125 x 6
i: 7 x 5.125 x 5

A chest with all brass hardware and ornate brass lock-hasp. This lovely tanoak chest has a border inlay on the lid of olivewood. Lunar phase engraving on the lid with and eye gazing out of frame invoke a cyclical feeling and for prying eyes to look elsewhere.

Larger than previous box offerings tailored towards recipes, this box is a take on the classic "hope chest" or just a place to keep ones precious memories and mementos.

Tanoak has some colorful resin-fill stabilization and some brass fill. A process I use to make the most out of wood that would otherwise be difficult/unusable to work.

Tung Oil finish and beeswax polish

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