Flower Charm - Beach Rose - Figured Magnolia

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2x4 hardwood charm with brass ringlet and macrame hanger

Beach Roses, or Rosa Rugosa, are the primary source of delicious edible rose hips. While all roses produce hips, those of the wild rambling beach rose are the most flavorful and fragrant.

While roses in general have considerable mythology I wanted to celebrate the simple beauty and old world appearance of beach roses.

Widely distributed it is one of the most prolific wild roses and is known to grow and stabilize beaches in cool and Mediterranean climates hence the common name. Obviously a symbol of love and affection the rose is also one of secrets and it was once grown over meeting areas in gardens and palace as anything said beneath the rose was to be kept in confidence.

The wood from this charm is from a downed limb from our big saucer magnolia out back. It was aged and dried in my shop before being cut into blanks for these charms. What better wood to use for a flower charm than a tree that blooms?

Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, Mineral Oil Finish

Hand Stamped with artists makers mark