Box of the Skewered Eye - Applewood

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Box of the Skewered Eye
by: C.M. Galdre

Exterior: 8"x 3" x 4"
Interior: 7" x 2.5" x 3.5"

Apple lumber hand hewn from a log found in an autumn 2021 chipdrop dried, cut, and formed into a sturdy fitted top box. Apple is an uncommon wood in dimensions large enough to craft larger objects and usually finds its way into the market as woodchips for smoking food which is a shame because it is a beautiful domestic fruitwood. The lid is engraved with the sigil of the Skewered Eye an original glyph by the artist. Does the eye weep or does it bleed?

Given proper care this box will last several lifetimes.

Box is branded on the bottom with the artists maker mark the moon over the mountain.