Ancestral Eye Vault - Osage Orange Box


Ancestral Eye Vault
by: C.M. Galdre
Osage Orange and Brass

Exterior: 7"x4.25"x4.5"
Interior: 6" x 3.25 x 3"

Osage Orange hand hewn from a log found in an autumn 2021 chipdrop dried, cut, and formed into a sturdy slide top box. Twin brass tabs keep the box lid in place, rotating them down allows it to slide freely and reveal the contents inside. Osage orange is an uncommon wood in dimensions large enough to craft larger objects. The lid is engraved with the original Ancestral Eye Glyph design by the artist. One of the ancillary eyes in this glyph carved a little too deep, it looks a little cartoony but we still love it.

The Ancestral Eye glyph represents the many diverse types of eyes in nature watching over us.

Taken care of this box will survive many lifetimes of its keepers.

It is branded on the base with the artists makers mark the moon over the mountain.