Medallions of the Null Eye

A series of cherry pendants featuring wood from Galdre's own Kwanzan cherry trees and a part of their own symbology.

Kwanzan Cherry is a beautiful dark, tight grained cherry with a sweet cherry almost cookie-like fragrance. The null eye is a variation of an evil eye with the alchemical null symbol (caput mortem) as the pupil. An eye that sees that which comes at it and nullifies, an eye that wards the sight of others.


Each medallions was milled with the design of the null eye and then flame roasted to introduce cracks upon the surface as well as to make the medallion appear "blasted" as if it had repelled ill magic in the past. The inlays are silver fill with a few being a mix of silver and brass. They were then weathered and faceted before receiving their final rounds of sanding and finish. They are each around 1.5" in diameter and are on a 26" bright silver chain with hammer locked silver jump rings. They have an amazing feel to them.